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“The Invisible Deck” – Mind Reading Card Trick Revealed

Written by how-to-magic-tricks on November 23rd, 2009

The greatest mind reading card trick (deck of cards) ever. Performance and explanation of this Mind boggling card trick. … revealed amazing mind reading incredible unbelievable greatest Card Tricks tutorial ever and read people minds.


16 Responses to ““The Invisible Deck” – Mind Reading Card Trick Revealed”

  1. ninjadragon11 Says:

    amazing trick but where can i buy them (in PA) walmart?

  2. FcGrreat Says:

    how can i rough the card’s back?

  3. HannYeo Says:

    1st of all u’ll need rough back cards..can either get the roughing fluid and do it urself..or could buy it straight off from the shelf..
    next (with the rough back cards) u’ll need to hold it firmly and not worry about it slipping..cuz the backs are rougher than the faces so it’ll come sliding naturally..
    just some tips cuz i had the same problems with my 1st invisible deck =) cheers~

  4. iamzacrem Says:

    where do buy the deck?

  5. GiqMusic Says:

    you need a rough back cards called the invisible deck

  6. bexster09RN Says:

    great trick, but when i spread the cards you can see the backs of the even cards (if spreading out the odds) any tips. Or is this because im using a brand new deck of cards. Is it better with older cards????
    awsome trick though!!!!

  7. johnnyrinsma Says:

    Do they stick stong enough even if you use it alot? Or will it be less sticky after a while?

  8. dragonzz259 Says:

    where u buy the deck

  9. jajankaja1 Says:

    Awsome trick!!!

  10. esteban0321 Says:

    Awsome, thanks.

  11. agnaeus Says:

    “…just put the deck away and let them suffer” I love you man ur an animal!

  12. andups Says:

    hey mismag where can i buy this deck? cuz i have tried using double sided tape,, but it still loook un smooth…

  13. oag19802 Says:

    wow!!!. great treak!!!! thanks!!!

  14. FishsticksFilms Says:

    just put a small piece of double stick tape on the back one one and rub it with ur finger to wear it down and they stick together…. but it isnt hard to move them apart

  15. thebestcc12 Says:

    oh….. i was gonna say it would have been sweet if you could without it!

  16. TricksticKx Says:

    nice video, i’m gonna buy me on

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